Herbert Brandt registers a business in Refrath (near Cologne) on 1 July 1949 to ‘produce technical rubber products (industrial operation)’


Production commences in the newly constructed premises in Bensberg.


Construction of an additional production hall.


A newly constructed office/administration building is acquired and a dedicated laboratory is set up

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The first injection press (Saccomat) enters into operation.


Dietrich Brandt takes over as CEO.
Investment continues in new production technologies.


Production facilities are doubled in size through a series of extensions and conversions


Investment continues in technology to help streamline and automate production processes.


The ‘Technikum’ is constructed, a production facility for composite parts.

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Subsidiary ‘H. Brandt – Cauciuc & Mase Plastice S.R.L.’ is founded in Sibiu, Romania.


Production commences in Sibiu.

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The parent company is certified (in accordance with DIN ISO 9001).
First stage of expansion in Sibiu.


Company 50-year anniversary
Expansion of the ‘technical customer support’ department.


Warehouse/shipping/logistics is constructed.
Second stage of expansion in Sibiu.


The subsidiary in Sibiu is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.


The parent company is certified in accordance with VDA 6.1.


A tool production facility is established.
First direct marketing commences in Romania.


A climate-controlled warehouse is established for particularly sensitive mixtures


Mr Heribert Schwamborn is appointed second Managing Director.


Company 60-year anniversary
Installation and certification of an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001:2004.


A new energy concept is established for the Bergisch Gladbach site.


A Steinl EF-E machine is acquired for optimisation of composite production.


Markus Brandt joins the company

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An extraction system is acquired as an occupational health/environmental protection measure.


Further expansion of the state-of-the-art fleet of machinery.

Year  Event
 1949 Company founded by Herbert Brandt: manufacture of technical rubber goods in Refrath, e.g. bicycle tire casings and rubber balls using baking powder as a foaming agent
 1954 Production starts in the newly constructed plant in Bensberg
 1958 Construction of an additional factory building
 1961 The company moves into new administrative offices, a laboratory is set up
 1963 First injection press (Saccomat) goes into operation
 1974 Dietrich Brandt takes over as CEO
Continuing investment in new production technologies
 1979 Extensions and conversions allow for a doubling in size of production facilities
 1983 Further investments in technology to streamline and automate production
 1989 New construction of the “Technikum”, a manufacturing plant for composite parts
 1994 Founding of subsidiary “H. Brandt – Cauciuc & Mase Plastice S.R.L.” in Hermannstadt (Sibiu), Romania
 1996 Production starts in Hermannstadt
 1997 Parent company DIN ISO 9001certified
First stage of further development in Hermannstadt
 1999 Company celebrates 50th anniversary
Expansion of services department “Technical Customer Support”
 2001 New construction of stockroom/shipping/logistics
Second stage of further development in Hermannstadt
 2002 Subsidiary in Hermannstadt is ISO 9001/2000 certified
 2003 Parent company is VDA 6.1 certified
 2005 Internal logistics are streamlined
 2006 Company-owned tool production facility set up
Launch of direct marketing in Romania
 2007 Further expansion of Romanian subsidiary
Mixing stockrooms are streamlined
 2008 Heribert Schwamborn appointed second managing director
 2009 Company celebrates 60th anniversary
Environmental management system installed and certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001:2004
 2010 Purchase of plasma processor for surface cleaning and pre-treatment
 2011 Brandt draws up a new energy concept for the Bergisch Gladbach plant